MI Mold Finders -

The following Standards provide guidelines for the NAMRI Inspector and outline what the Inspector should inspect, identify, and report on. The guidelines provide the minimum contents of a written report and are not intended to limit the Inspector from performing additional inspection services, or from excluding systems or components by mutual agreement with the client.


The Inspector shall:

·          Collect surface samples and air samples for lab submission when authorized by the client for an agreed-upon fee, and when conditions of microbial growth exist that allow for the sample to be collected.

·          Indoor air samples will be collected near the HVAC return duct by default unless there is reason to test visible mold elsewhere.

·          When an indoor air sample is taken, the Inspector shall take an outdoor air sample as a baseline.

·          Document any environmental conditions that could impact the sampling.

·          When clearance testing is performed after mold remediation, the Inspector shall collect a minimum of two air samples from each contained space.

·          The Inspector shall use an appropriate air pump and collection cassette.

·          Collect surface samples only from areas of suspected microbial growth.

·          Complete Chain-of-Custody documents that include complete information along with sample numbers.

·          Take measures to prevent contamination, and promptly send the sample to a lab accredited by the American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA).

·          Provide the client with a copy of the original lab report.

The Inspector is not required to:

·          Collect samples unless contracted with the client.

·          Perform any intrusive or destructive examination, test or analysis.

·          Sample every suspected area of microbial growth unless contracted with the client.

·          Instruct the client how to perform remediation.

·          Determine costs or procedures for remediation.

·          Provide safety determinations based on any findings.